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Welcome to Gothic

 Listen to the first song in the Gothic language in over 1000 years!
Atta Unsar is the Lord's prayer in ancient Gothic.

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The Gothic language was put into writing first by Roman missionary Ulfilas, who translated large parts of the Christian Bible into the vernacular.The Gothic language is definitely an old Indo-Germanic language with strong ties to the languages of North-Central Europe. It is the only well-recorded early East Germanic language. [read more]

My fascination for the Gothic culture and faith came about as a result of my own genealogical research in the region of Germany’s former East Prussia, an area in the now Polish/ Russian Gdansk Basin of the Baltic Sea where the Goths originated.From there they set out on an amazing journey.

The Gothic people’s migration patterns are unparalleled in Europe; they settled in areas ranging between Northern Europe, Spain and Eurasia. One could say they were the “Nomads” of Europa.

In some ways, the Goths were ahead of their time: a. they seemed to have enjoyed cultural diversity, Their tribal order was not based on blood, but rather the "reik" an order based on loyalty [read more]




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